Joong Boo Residency


The Joong Boo Residency is offered by Marc Fischer of Public Collectors. The residency consists of me buying Korean lunch for the resident at Joong Boo Market on 3333 N. Kimball Avenue in Chicago. Joong Boo’s snack corner seating area is miniscule and it can be quite hard to find seating for more than two people at a time. For this reason, regrettably, only individuals can apply for Joong Boo residencies. You can preview the Joong Boo snack corner menu here. Note that while there are some vegetarian options, vegan options are limited to one or two slightly modified dishes.

The Joong Boo Residency takes inspiration from a 2010 trip to Kansas City where I was lecturing on the work of Temporary Services (a group I‘m part of with Brett Bloom). While there, the artist Sean Starowitz awarded me an Arthur Bryant’s Residency. The residency consisted, in total, of taking a trip to Arthur Bryant’s to eat delicious BBQ and converse. It was a fantastic experience.

There have been two Joong Boo Residents prior to this announcement. The first Joong Boo Resident was Paul Lloyd Sargent. Greg Mihalko, a graphic designer with Partner and Partners, was the second Joong Boo Resident.

Public Collectors maintains an expansive view of creativity. The Joong Boo Residency is open to creative individuals that like Korean food and are interested in sharing lunch with me. There is no cost to be a resident and I will attempt to accommodate up to two residencies a month. A typical Joong Boo Residency lasts less than an hour. Residencies can be expanded to include additional hanging out and conversation time if this is mutually agreeable to myself and the Joong Boo Resident. Shopping at Joong Boo Market (at the resident’s expense) after the completion of your Joong Boo Residency is highly encouraged.

To apply for a Joong Boo Residency, simply contact me, tell me about what you do (links to any websites would be great) and let me know the date and time that you would prefer to have a residency. Note that Chicago residents are not eligible for Joong Boo Residencies.

More on the Joong Boo Residency here.