NoMeansNo - Live at The Upstage, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 10/31/1989

This audience recording was made by a half forgotten friend, I think named Chris, who was a DJ on Carnegie Mellon University's radio station WRCT. Whistle played first, NoMeansNo played second and The Ex played last. Having just been blown away by NoMeansNo, I wasn't really prepared for The Ex who also played an intense and energetic set (wish I had a recording of that too!).

Way back in 1989, Chris was kind of enough to dub a copy of this show for me from his original cassette (I think he said he did a little clean up work on it at the station). I'm unaware of any copies of this circulating. While it suffers from some obvious limitations, being an audience recording and all, it's plenty listenable and NoMeansNo was in outstanding form that night. The first song, "No Rest for the Wicked" from the Mama album was performed as a two-piece. The version of the obscure song "I Am Wrong" is particularly intense. The flyer for this show is included below.

Song list:

No Rest for the Wicked
Dark Ages
I Am Wrong
The Day Everything Became Nothing
Dead Souls
Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue

Listen: NoMeansNo - Live at The Upstage 10/31/1989, 46:26 minutes, 111.4 mb, 320 kbps, MP3

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